Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is Laser Therapy Safe?

    Laser therapy is completely safe and painless and has been widely used internationally for over 30 years to treat a variety of ailments.  According to our research, there have never been any negative side effects known.  The laser used is a soft laser which is no more powerful than a 20-watt light bulb.

  • Are these treatments covered by insurance?

    Yes, in most cases.  See our insurance coverage page for more details.

  • What parts of the body are treated with the laser?

    The low-level laser is applied to specific energy points along the meridian system.  These are on the hands, face, head and ears, which are associated with nicotine addiction.

  • How effective is laser therapy for quitting smoking?

    International clinical studies have shown higher success rates at ending nicotine addiction than any other nicotine replacement therapy method.

  • How many treatments are necessary?

    Laser therapy has been successful in assisting people in quitting smoking in many cases after just one 30-minute treatment.  The increased rate of the body's endorphin production helps the client through the crucial physical withdrawal period.  Generally the first 72 hours are the most trying time for a person to quit smoking.  Therefore the cessation of nicotine cravings is essential.  Our laser therapy eliminates these cravings.

  • Are there any medical or other health conditions that would make laser therapy an unsafe treatment option?

    Yes, you should not utilize laser therapy for smoking cessation if you are pregnant, have cancer or epilepsy, use a pace maker or are taking photosensitive medication.  Laser therapy promotes cell growth and repair, therefore studies are inconclusive on the effects in the previously listed situations.  Patients with these pre-existing conditions are not treated as a precautionary measure.  We do not diagnose or treat illness or prescribe medications.  Our treatments are not intended as a replacement for medical care.  We recommend that your consult your physician for a professional diagnosis of your health.

  • Is the treatment guaranteed?

    The laser treatments are designed to help the client physically cope with their urges and cravings.  The laser does not take away a client's psychological addiction to nicotine.  [We offer additional smoking cessation aids to assist with these psychological cravings].  Each client carries a certain level of motivation unique to his/her addiction, as such, the therapy cannot be guaranteed.  However, this powerful aid will assist the motivated quitter to beat their addiction as it has for hundreds of thousands of individuals.

  • How much is the laser therapy treatment? And what is included?

    We offer a variety of treatment packages catered to each individuals needs.  Our most popular package consists of the initial treatment to eliminate the physical nicotine cravings for $299.  During the therapy session we also administer supplemental treatments focusing on additional portions of the meridian system which control weight gain (food cravings) and stress relief (irritability associated with the withdrawal symptoms).  All are included in the package.

    We accept cash, credit cards or debit cards of Master Card Visa and Discover.

    Considering the average cost of a pack of cigarettes is $4.50 and the average smoker inhales 1.1 packs a day:

    After 1 month you will save: $148.50
    After 3 months you will have saved: $445.50
    (and will have paid for your treatment and celebration dinner... which you will be able to taste)
    After 1 year you will have saved: $1,782
    (enough for round trip tickets to Australia)

  • How does laser therapy help to diminish weight gain?

    Once a smoker gives up nicotine, their metabolism inevitably begins to slow down as their body returns to its normal healthy state.  In order to counteract the potential to gain weight during this period, our laser technicians treat the meridian system energy points which speed up your metabolism and suppress appetite.  This insures that your new healthy lifestyle does not become your new heavy lifestyle.


Contact Information
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Stafford, Virginia 22554
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Phone:  540-657-6102

Monday - Thursday
4:00pm - 6:30 pm EST

Friday - 9:00 am - 4:00 pm EST
Saturday - 9:00 am - 4:00 pm EST
Sunday - 9:00 am
(for appointment and emergency only)

24 Hours Service:  703-554-4372
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